Ring Road Iceland

Healing On The Ring Road Of Iceland

Dan always told me that humility meant recognizing that you are an integral part of something much bigger than yourself. On our first night traveling the Ring Road of Iceland, Foster and I stood outside of our cabin on an isolated horse farm by the sea and watched the Northern lights dance and play across the sky above us.

I have seen a lot of beauty in my life, but this took my breath away. My heart pounded with a mix of pure gratitude and adrenaline. I once read that the only way to describe the Northern lights is that they are like watching your own baby spin inside the womb, small fingers tracing the inside of the belly or a tiny foot practicing walking on the inside. Nature dances and moves with effortless grace and joy and all you can do is stare and wonder if you really witnessed something so beautiful. Then the realization hits that not only do you get to experience this but you are an integral part of all of it.

The question on my heart during our entire Icelandic journey was, “Do I really get to have this?” Iceland taught me how to receive abundantly with joy and without reservation. Around every corner, we found something so beautiful that it forced us to do the impossible which was to rest easy in that ecstatic joy and simply be where our feet were. We kept going. We kept experiencing miracles. We kept embracing all of it. Grateful for the lessons.

“Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.” – Kurt Vonnegut


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