Boundaries, Waves, And New Beginnings

Boundaries, Waves, And New Beginnings

I had to learn to say “No” before the things not meant for me inevitably invited me to say “Yes.”

Boundaries and personal standards are not easy to maintain in a world that will challenge you for having them in the first place.

Sometimes the most revolutionary act is simply saying “I want something better for myself and I believe that it is out there. I am patient. I will wait.” Honoring my intuition is always the one true light on a dark and winding road. It reminds me that all my beginnings started with an ending.

Doors closing
Chapters ending
Jobs imploding
Being robbed
Loved ones dying
My body breaking down
Relationships not working
Natural disasters destroying my home
The one thing I wanted with all my heart not fitting in my life

Trust the beginning of things but trust the limits and endings too.
Not getting what you want is often a miracle and an act of Grace.

“Boundaries are not walls. They’re the beaches others can bask on. Not everyone should swim your oceans.”
– Victoria Erickson

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