Given The Movie

Why You Must Watch “Given”

Have you heard about Given the movie? This beautiful film is about personal legacies, tradition and the power of ancestral wisdom set against the landscape of this ethereal world we live in.  A beautiful journey is seen through the eyes of a young child. Given, the son of Aamion and Daize narrates the film as his family travels the globe retracing the steps taken by Aaimon and his father decades earlier.

This film is a powerful love story to our planet and the work each of our souls will do while we are living here. The visuals are intoxicating as our gentle narrator, the young Given walks us through his experiences as a son, a brother and an explorer of life who has taken the first steps on his personal journey.

As someone who has taken deep personal journeys within myself and out into the world, I know the importance of retracing your steps, revisiting points of origin and immersing yourself in the stream of life.  A lot has been said about stepping outside of our comfort zones.  One of the most important things I have found as I traveled the world is that when you make a home within yourself you can be at peace anywhere.

“My dad says we are like the birds. We make a nest wherever we go.” – Given Goodwin


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