grand teton national park

The Long And Winding Road: Reflecting On Our Summer In Grand Teton National Park​

As Winter slowly descends upon the Tetons and daily snowfalls become the norm, I can’t help but miss the magical summer we spent exploring Grand Teton National Park.  I have a tendency to live in places with beautiful backyards. It’s my thing. For a long time the bright blue water and sandy beaches of Malibu were my, and if I had to give that up for anything, it would definitely be this stunning National Park.

This Summer was important for so many reasons, but the most poignant was that it provided the time and space to ask the big questions.  There is something about being alone in nature that allows you to sort through your own “stuff” and find the answers you have been looking for.

How we receive those answers is up to us. Do we fight against the truth? Do we embrace the answers? Do we work toward a solution with this new information? One of the answers that came to me was that sometimes things fall apart and it isn’t about doing things perfectly so that nothing bad ever happens. Where are the lessons in that? This life is about walking through whatever comes your way and allowing it to transform you into the version of you that you never saw coming.

Who would I be if all of those things had not happened?
Who would I be if it had all gone my way?
Who would I be if it had been easy?


Keep all the promises that you made to yourself.
Keep the promises you made to other people.
Ask what you can give instead of what you can get.

Chop wood.

Carry water.

“Help on the way
I know only this
I’ve got you today
Don’t fly away
‘Cause I love what I love
And I want it that way”

– Grateful Dead



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