I’m Moving To Kauai

What a wild and cathartic year this has been. Almost a year ago to the day I spontaneously submitted my resignation at a job I thought was my dream job, put in my notice on my home in Los Angeles and drove to the mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Now, I am packing up my house in Jackson to move back to Hawaii! But how did all of that happen?

The dream job was not really a dream job. It was a lesson in boundaries, gaslighting and spiritual bypassing. Lesson learned! I never want to navigate those waters again. But as with any difficult situation, I’m sure the clarity and awareness it stirred in me will strengthen so many areas of my life.

In my heart, I always knew that I would live in Hawaii again, but I am a big believer in healthy timing. After months of interviewing heavily on Oahu, nothing came to fruition. I then began interviewing in Maui and still nothing really called to me. So I trusted in divine timing and let the idea of moving back to the islands rest for a bit. I ended up in a beautiful mountain town having the Spring, Summer, and Autumn of my dreams.  Then, out of the blue, Kaua’i called to me again, and this time around she made sure I could not resist.  So many areas of my life fell easily into alignment to allow for this to happen. Jobs fell away, new ones appeared, the opportunity to continue to work remotely came my way, and the lease on my home here in Jackson was ending.

So, why not?

Although I will miss this dreamy mountain town, I am definitely looking forward to waking up in the jungle every morning. My new home has an ocean view and is surrounded by farmland that I can’t wait to get my hands on. I made a short vlog about this transition and included it below.


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