Leaving Wyoming

Saying Goodbye To Wyoming

These mountains have always handed me lessons. The first time I moved here about 13 years ago I was handed a painful lesson in all the things I didn’t want in my life. I was surrounded by people who spoke another language and instead of turning myself inside out to understand who and what they were about, I surrendered. I turned my energies over to the winning side. I shrugged my shoulders and poured my energy into myself to find out what I wanted and who I wanted to be.  Out of that challenge, so many beautiful relationships and life changes were born.

The last nine months were no different. Leaving Los Angeles with mixed feelings about returning to Wyoming brought up big feelings.  Over the last nine months, so many things have been revealed to me. That gestation process was similar to the concept of Querencia that I wrote about in my last post. Finding strength in the pause returns us to ourselves. That stillness allows us to gather all of our scattered pieces and reach our highest potential. Rebirth is inevitable and welcome.

Some people would look at the last nine months of my life and think “what a waste!” You didn’t accomplish most of the things on your list, and you got completely sidetracked.” Here’s what I think: I think I stepped outside of a race that I never had any interest in winning. I think I immersed myself in living a life that makes me happy each day. I think I turned my attention to my friends and family and reacquainted myself with them. I think I participated in daily activities that brought me into optimal health and alignment for my body, mind, and spirit. I think when I did all of these things, I cleared a path for new energy in my life.  And that is never a waste of time.

I created a short but sweet love letter to my sweet Wyoming. Click on the link below!

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