Kauai: Birds Of Paradise

Keep all the promises you made to yourself this year. Wear the inevitable changes, disruptions, detours, blessings, wins, and losses like a loose garment. Keep what you have by giving it away and trust that you have to give it away to get it in the first place. Chop wood and carry water. Live well and love easy. I believe in you.

These are the words that I carried with me into the new year. How much easier is it to be full of hope at the beginning of a new cycle than midway through when you have had a journey of highs and lows. 2018 was incredibly cathartic for me. I walked away from an unhealthy work situation, dealt with another round of a debilitating illness, decided to leave Los Angeles which had been my home on and off for seven years, moved back to Jackson Hole for a beautiful Spring, Summer and Fall despite it being a place that at a core level is deeply triggering for me and then moved to Kauai.

After so much change and letting go it was time to ground and receive for a bit. That is where I found myself on New Year’s day. I woke up in my jungle cabin here in Kauai listening to the waves, the birds, and just the thriving life that cradles my every moment these days. My commitment for the next few months is to ground, to process, to shed and to receive in the most beautiful place I could have ever dreamed up. I am grateful for every twist and turn that brought me here. Embracing the surprising sweet bird of paradox just like John Lennon sang about.

“A bird of paradise
The sunrise in her eyes
God only knows such a sweet surprise
I was blind she blew my mind”

– John Lennon, Surprise Surprise (Sweet Bird of Paradox)

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