kauai sunrise on the beach

Kaua’i Sunrise And Meditation

One of the most calming ways to start the day is clearing a space in the sand, wriggling your toes underneath the surface, and sitting in the quiet of a beach at sunrise. The air takes on a different quality as you watch the light take over the sky. The waves lull you into a flow state as you wake up to the day and to the universe.

I spent so much time filming while living on Kaua’i, and I wanted to share some of the videos I watch in the morning as I begin my day. I may currently be living high in the mountains but feeling golden sunshine dance on top of the water is still my sacred way to start the day.

A beautiful meditation that I usually pair with this video is the Metta Prayer. It is as simple as it is powerful. I like to sit in sukhasana with my spine lengthened towards the sky. My palms rest gently on my knees with palms facing up. My eyes are closed 9/10 of the way, allowing me to take in the expanding light on the video and immerse myself in the sound of the waves. Then I begin slowly repeating:

May I be happy.

May I be at Peace.

May I be free from suffering.

After three minutes I pause for several deep breaths and change the wording just slightly. I begin sending my energy out into the universe wile repeating:

May you be happy.

May you be at peace.

May you be free from suffering.

I hope that enjoy this video filmed on an isolated beach in Kaua’i and incorporate it into your daily morning ritual.

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