Fire On The Mountain Coffee

Fire On The Mountain

Some incredibly beautiful and exciting things have been going on behind the scenes, I’m so excited to share with all of you that I am put out my own limited edition organic coffee roast for the month of August with @snakeriverroastingcompany!

This is a coffee we created for the Grateful ones to sip while they sit back, watch the sunrise, drop the needle on the record, and sing along.

I’m celebrating a big birthday this month around the same time that we remember one of the musical legends who is and was the soundtrack to our youth from the mountains of Wyoming to the beaches of southern California to the lush green woods of Upstate New York.

Fire On The Mountain Coffee

I’m also very proud to say that we sourced these organic coffee beans through @cafefemenino!

The Café Femenino coffee program is a one-of-a-kind ethical sourcing model committed to ending the cycle of poverty afflicting women coffee farmers across the world. Café Femenino provides direct compensation to women farmers, along with the opportunity and resources to enact positive change in their communities and on their own terms.

Fire On The Mountain Coffee

The last three weeks have been so much fun. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to transform my vision into an offering and to spend so much time and energy doing what I love.

Fire On The Mountain Coffee

Recently someone asked me about this roast and instead of going into the origin of the beans, the incredible farms that produce them, the great importers we work with, or the difference between a light and dark roast (hint: it’s not what you think it is!) I simply smiled and described my coffee as “a rainbow in a cup!”

Fire On The Mountain is officially on the shelves at grocery stores such as @albertsons and @jwgrocer! I did an inner twirl when I first walked through the doors and saw it there with my own eyes. In fact, I may have even done a twirl in public too! I’ve also been pleasantly surprised to see it on the shelves and being served at beautiful cafes all throughout Wyoming and Idaho.

Fire On The Mountain Coffee

Thank you to everyone who has purchased this coffee so far! You have made me feel so supported. Sharing anything remotely creative is scary for folks like me who have spent our entire lives with our head in the books quietly building things for other people. It has felt good and long overdue to live out loud. Thanks for making it a peaceful easy feeling y’all. Want to give this coffee a try? Head to our online shop and purchase a bag today!

In September Snake River Roasting Company will be taking Fire On The Mountain and many of our other roasts all the way to Nashville, Tennessee to see how they do in a competition with 900 roasts from around the country at the Golden Bean North America competition. We won 13 medals there last year and we’re ready for more.

“I woke up a feelin’ mean
Went down to play the slot machine
The wheels turned around, and the letters read
You better head back to Tennessee Jed”

– Grateful Dead

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